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Airports near Executive Lodge Absecon

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Executive Lodge Absecon offers close proximity to the following airports:

Atlantic City International Airport

Atlantic City International Airport Absecon is located in Egg Harbor Township, Atlantic County, New Jersey. The airport is just six miles from the Atlantic City Boardwalk and 12 miles from the casinos of Atlantic City. The airport has two asphalt runways: 5/23 is 6,000 feet long and 13/31 is 4,500 feet long. The airport offers direct service to Philadelphia, Baltimore, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, and Albany. There are also non-stop flights to Myrtle Beach and Orlando.

The Atlantic City International Airport was originally constructed as an airfield in 1936 by the United States Army Corps of Engineers as a training site for pilots during World War II. The airfield was renamed Naval Air Station Absecon in 1948 and later became an active duty US Navy facility. In 1997 the airfield was transferred to the Federal Aviation Administration and became an international airport. The name of the airport was changed to Atlantic City International Airport Absecon in 2003 to reflect its location on the shore of Absecon Inlet.

5.2 miles away

Philadelphia International Airport

Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) is located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The airport covers an area of 1,250 acres (500 ha), making it the largest airport in Pennsylvania and 23rd-largest in the United States. The airport has three terminals: Terminal 1 is the oldest and largest terminal, Terminal 3 is newer and smaller, and Terminal 2 is used for general aviation. PHL is a major international gateway and has served over 50 million passengers since its opening in 1930. It is also a hub for American Airlines and United Airlines.

51.1 miles away

Trenton-Mercer Airport

Trenton-Mercer Airport Absecon is the only airport located in the Municipality of Absecon. The airport offers a variety of services, including general aviation, air taxi, and scheduled commercial flights. Trenton-Mercer Airport also has an extensive terminal that can handle large aircraft.

The airport was originally opened in 1941 as a military airfield. It was later renamed Trenton-Mercer Air Force Base and became a civilian facility in 1969. The airport underwent a $12 million renovation in 2013 that included the construction of a new terminal and expansion of the parking lot.

61.7 miles away


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